This page contains all the required documentation for the Renderer and its functions/events.


When plugins are loaded in Cider the constructor() in the plugin class is passed a PluginEnv object, this object contains:

  • app - The Electron app

  • store - Electron Store

  • utils - Cider utils

  • win - The renderer window

  • dir - Path to the plugin directory

  • dirName - Plugin directory name

Loading frontend plugin(s)

To load a front end plugin (typically named index.frontend.js) from index.js PluginEnv.utils.loadJSFrontend(path: string) is used.

Example: PluginEnv.utils.loadJSFrontend(path.join(PluginEnv.dir, "index.frontend.js"))

  • getPath(path: string) - Returns path used by Cider by name.

    • srcPath - src/ folder

    • rendererPath - renderer/ folder

    • mainPath - main/ path

    • resourcePath - resources/ path

    • i18nPath - i18n/ path

    • ciderCache - Cider cache path

    • themes - Themes

    • plugins - Plugins

  • getLocale(language: string, key: string)

    • Fetches the i18n locale for the given language.

  • getStoreValue(key: string)

    • Gets a store value

  • getStore()

    • Returns store

  • setStoreValue(key: string, value: any)

    • Sets a store value

  • getWindow()

    • Gets the renderer window

  • loadJSFrontend(path: string)

    • Loads a JavaScript file into the renderer, this is the main method of loading front end plugins.

  • playback. - Controls playback

    • .play() - Play

    • .pause() - Pause

    • .playPause() - Toggles playback

    • .next() - Next track in queue

    • .previous() - Previous track in queue

Built in events

Cider plugins support these methods by default, however more can be made with the use of ipcMain and ipcRenderer

  • onReady(win) - (Required) Executes when the back end is ready

  • onRendererReady() - Executes when the renderer has finished loading (app.init())

  • onPlaybackStateDidChange(attributes) - Executes when playback state changes, passes song attributes

  • onNowPlayingItemDidChange(attributes) - Executes when song changes, passes song attributes

  • onBeforeQuit - Executes before Cider quits

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